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Amaranth Seeds

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Amaranth seeds are currently used in cereals, snacks, and desserts around the world.They can be used as flour or can be popped to a healthy, nutty popcorn snack.They can be roasted,.cooked.or sprouted, or simply added to a stir-fry where they will work as a great thickening agent.Many cook amaranth to a porridge.The most common usage is proabaly to simply boil the seeds and serve them as a healthy repalcement for rice, pasta or couscous


Dehydrated Amaranth Seeds

Shelf Life

9 Months

Nutritional Values per 100gm

Energy(Kcal) 572
Protein(gm) 12.19
Fat(gm) 41.96
Carbohydrate(gm) 36.51
VitaminA(IU) NA
VitaminC(mg) NA
Sugar(gm) NA
Sodium(gm) NA
Calcium(gm) NA
Iron(mg) NA