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Mixed Seeds(Char Magaz)

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Mixed Seeds or Char Magaz is a combination of four seeds.
This is believed that ingestion of this combination results in brain development and rejuvenation.Char Magaz is used to make Thandaii as well as sweets. Char Magaz is also consumed by nursing mothers in the belief that essentials will be passed through milk to babies for their brain development .Seeds are high in fatty acids that are good for building and maintain parts of the brain.


Pumpkin Seeds,Cucumber Seeds,Watermelon Seeds and Melon Seeds

Shelf Life

9 Months

Nutritional Values per 100gm

Energy(Kcal) 554
Protein(gm) 36.05
Fat(gm) 38.25
Carbohydrate(gm) 16.46
VitaminA(IU) NA
VitaminC(mg) NA
Sugar(gm) NA
Sodium(gm) NA
Calcium(gm) NA
Iron(mg) NA