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Kabuli Pulao

Serves: 6


1 kg basmati rice
100 gms ghee or cooking oil
2 Tbsp ginger
2 Tbsp garlic
2 onion
1/2 kg tomato
200 gms yoghurt
70 gms garam masala
urban Flavorz red chilli flakes and chili powder as per taste
1 whole or 3 tbsp seeds pomegranate seeds fresh
1/2 bunch coriander fresh
30 gms green chilli
100 gms Channa



Soak the rice in water.Soak channa in warm water for 45 minutes.
Slice one onion, chop ginger and garlic.Chop tomato, green chilli & green coriander.Saute onion, ginger and garlic in oil or ghee in a pan,
When it starts browning, put tomato, yoghurt, coriander, red chilli & salt.Add the above ingredients and whole garam masala along with the soaked channa into the copper pot.
Boil rice in a separate pan (equal part of rice and water.) When water starts boiling, strain the rice and add it into the pot.
When all the water is absorbed, put lid on the pot & seal it for 15 minutes for dum.Meanwhile, chop some onion, cucumber, tomato and make kachumbar salad.
For Plating:
Open the dum, set rice in small bowl.Invert the rice onto a plate and serve with cucumber salad & mint chutney.